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Unmatched Excellence for Your Kelowna Wedding

Creating the heartbeat of your celebration. At DJ Spinalshift, my mission is to deliver an unparalleled DJ experience tailored to your unique love story. From our first consultation to the last dance, expect nothing less than meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your wedding is an unforgettable celebration.


Personalized Music for Your Story

Every love story is unique, and your wedding soundtrack should be too. With my personalized music planning, expect every song to reflect and celebrate your journey together.


High-Quality Sound Stylish Presentation

On your special day, sound quality and aesthetic appeal matter. I bring advanced sound equipment and a sleek setup to complement your venue, ensuring a stylish and memorable experience.

Transform Your Wedding With Music That Tells Your Story - Let’s Chat!

Tailored Service

● Customized Experience: Every wedding is a unique symphony. I dive deep into your vision and preferences to ensure the music flawlessly complements every moment of your celebration.● One-on-One Planning: Enjoy personalized planning sessions where we'll map out every musical detail, from the walk down the aisle to the final dance, guaranteeing a soundtrack that’s uniquely yours. Seamless Execution: With meticulous attention to detail, I ensure a smooth, worry-free experience, allowing you and your guests to immerse yourselves fully in the joy of the occasion.

Expert Music Selection

● Vast Music Library: From timeless classics to the latest hits, my extensive music collection spans genres and eras, ensuring the perfect song for every moment.● Dynamic Adaptability: Reading the room is an art, and I excel at dynamically adjusting the music to keep the energy high and the dance floor filled.● Collaborative Playlist Creation: Your input is invaluable. I encourage you to share your must-haves and do-not-plays, and together, we’ll craft a playlist that echoes your personal style and story.

Focused on Quality

● Exclusive Bookings: By accepting only a select number of events, I ensure each wedding receives the full measure of my expertise, energy, and attention to detail.● Advanced Sound Equipment: Utilizing only top-tier sound and lighting equipment, I create an immersive auditory and visual experience that elevates your wedding atmosphere.● Professionalism and Passion: My commitment to your satisfaction is unmatched. I bring not just my skills as a DJ, but a genuine passion for celebrating love through music, making your special day unforgettable.

Celebrated and Trusted Across Kelowna

Proud to be recommended by premier venues and happy couples alike. My commitment to quality and passion for music has made DJ Spinalshift the go-to DJ for memorable weddings. See where I've been featured and hear from couples who’ve experienced the magic.

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From the beginning we felt like we were in great hands! We appreciated the time Jordan took with us over the phone to go over every detail. My husband loved that we could add playlists easily through his website.

Chayne Westover


Jordan made every effort to make our day perfect from the moment guests arrived until the moment they left. The music was perfect just for us and played absolutely flawlessly the whole day! 100% would recommend!

Kim Mintenko


The entire tone of the day was set by the music, and even though we had some unique picks and required really specific cultural music, you were able to provide it all without complications for us.

Natasa Nikic


Our guests had the time of their life, and our daughter and her fiancé were thrilled with the dance portion of the evening, as they stated: "Jordan knocked it out of the park."

Marie Lauer


During the planning process, he was super attentive in communication and always quickly replied. During the wedding he was friendly, played all the music we/ our guests wanted and got people dancing!

Little Lavender


The music he played was great and everyone commented on how they had a blast on the dance floor. Thanks for making our wedding run smoother and for showing the guests such a great time!

Larissa Jardine

Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere

It's more than just playing music. I focus on creating a lively atmosphere that keeps guests engaged and enjoying every moment.

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Plan Your Ideal Wedding Soundtrack with DJ Spinalshift

Let's make your wedding day musically unforgettable. Click to start crafting a soundtrack that perfectly captures the essence of your celebration.


Here's some commonly asked questions from our clients:

How much is a wedding DJ in BC?

The cost for a wedding DJ in BC typically ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. This range varies based on the DJ's experience, the event's duration, and specific service requirements. 

What Makes DJ Spinalshift the Ideal Choice for My Wedding?

Choosing DJ Spinalshift brings over a decade of experience in crafting personalized wedding soundtracks. My dedication goes beyond just playing music—I aim to create an atmosphere that’s reflective of your unique love story, ensuring each moment of your celebration is memorable and perfectly tailored to you.

Can DJ Spinalshift Help With Music Selection for Different Parts of Our Wedding?

Absolutely. From your walk down the aisle to the last dance, I work closely with you to select music that complements each part of your wedding. Our collaborative playlist creation ensures the soundtrack reflects both your personal taste and the mood of your celebration, promising an unforgettable experience.

Do You Have a Set List or Can We Request Songs/Styles?

My music planning system is fully customizable, allowing you to handpick songs and styles that resonate with you. Whether you have specific tracks in mind or need guidance, I’m here to ensure your wedding’s music perfectly captures the essence of your celebration.

How Far in Advance Should We Book DJ Spinalshift for Our Wedding?

To secure your preferred date, booking 1-2 years in advance is recommended. However, I understand that planning can vary, so I’m open to last-minute bookings when possible. Early engagement ensures ample time for personalized music planning and seamless coordination.

Do You Offer MC Services in Addition to DJing?

Yes, I provide engaging MC services to complement the DJ experience. From making important announcements to interacting with your guests, I ensure your event flows smoothly, keeping the atmosphere lively and organized.

Do You Have Backup Equipment in Case of Technical Issues?

I’m fully prepared with high-quality backup equipment for every event. This ensures that your celebration experiences no interruptions, maintaining a seamless and enjoyable atmosphere throughout.

Do You Meet With Your DJ Before the Wedding?

Meeting before the wedding is crucial. It allows us to discuss your preferences, the event's theme, and any specific requests, ensuring the music and MC services are perfectly aligned with your vision for the day.

How Do You Handle Song Requests from Guests During the Wedding?

I welcome guest song requests, incorporating them in a way that enhances the event’s energy. My expertise in reading the room allows me to seamlessly blend requests into the playlist, ensuring everyone has a great time.

What Attire Do You Typically Wear When DJing Weddings?

I dress in a professionally pressed suit and tie, aligning with the formal elegance of your event. If your wedding has a specific theme or dress code, I’m more than willing to adapt to ensure my appearance complements the occasion’s style.

Are You Able to Travel for Destination Weddings or Events Outside of Kelowna?

Yes, I’m thrilled to offer my DJ services for destination weddings and events beyond Kelowna. Whether within BC or internationally, we can discuss travel arrangements to bring the perfect musical backdrop to your special location.

Can DJ Spinalshift Accommodate Specific Cultural or Musical Traditions?

Absolutely. I take great pride in accommodating a wide range of cultural and musical traditions, recognizing the importance these elements can play in your wedding. From specific songs to traditional genres, I work closely with you to ensure your cultural heritage is celebrated and woven seamlessly into your wedding day soundtrack.

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